26 May 2021

TBAT Innovation launches ‘Wellbeing Days’ for all employees

Ryan Mouncy
Managing Director

Wellbeing Health Wealth Blocks

Business Consultancy, TBAT Innovation, with offices located in Derbyshire and Oxfordshire, have launched Wellbeing Days for all their 30 employees.

Following the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the introduction of wellbeing days at TBAT Innovation recognises the importance of employees’ mental health. Statistics from the Mental Health Foundation show that 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace; and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to increase that due to remote working, isolation periods, and lack of in-person interaction.

TBAT Innovation moved all employees to full-time remote working in March 2019 when the pandemic began; although already trialing remote working up to 2 days per week at the time, this was very much a first for the business. TBAT have since re-opened their offices with the permanent addition of fully flexible working for all employees – allowing everyone to work where they feel most comfortable, whether that’s from home or the office. For employees choosing to work from the office, lateral flow testing kits are available to ensure the business operates safely as lockdown measures are eased.

To further support work-life balance and promote employee wellbeing, the introduction of Wellbeing Days is a welcome addition to their existing package of employee support. The new initiative means all TBAT employees are able to take a Wellbeing Day at short notice with no explanation needed, to unwind, de-stress, re-charge, and prioritise their mental health – without the requirement to book holiday or take a sick day.

Matt Symonds, Managing Director of TBAT Innovation said “Supporting our team is one of our top priorities as a business. Without the team, we wouldn’t be able to provide the consistently high level of service our clients receive. Giving everyone the ability and freedom to work in their chosen environments, as well as the addition of Wellbeing Days to maintain good mental health is essential and encourages a healthier work-life balance.”

Sam Stephens, Director of TBAT adds “The pandemic has shone a bright light on the significance of mental health, highlighting the need for employees to be able to take a break when needed and to prioritise their own wellbeing. The team have continued to excel over the past 18 months despite all the challenges of the pandemic and we’re thrilled to be able to further support everyone to continue working in a way that suits them, first and foremost. Wellbeing Days are a huge leap in the right direction as we move into the new norm, where employee wellbeing is of utmost importance!”

TBAT Innovation offers innovation support services to UK organisations, to finance Research and Development. Innovation is inherently risky, making the need for additional funds crucial to successfully commercialising a new technology. With some Grant funding only available through a competitive process and R&D Tax needing to be claimed via HMRC, TBAT’s technical application writing knowledge and experience provides the best possible chance of a business receiving the funds they need.

To find out how more about TBAT Innovation, visit www.tbat.co.uk.

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