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TBAT assists organisations in accessing R&D grant funding across a range of UK and EU schemes and industry sectors.


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Applying for Grant Funding

Grant Funding de-risks the innovation process, enabling organisations to develop innovative products, processes and services without relying solely on their own financial resources.

The process of obtaining funding is competitive and can be difficult due to intense competition. However, TBAT is here to assist you every step of the way. From identifying the most appropriate funding opportunities to crafting and reviewing your application, we provide comprehensive support. Moreover, we expertly manage the grant claims process throughout your project and communicate with you effectively throughout.

With our team of skilled bid writers boasting a remarkable 77% success rate across a vast range of UK and EU funding schemes, we significantly maximise your chance of success.

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How TBAT can help access Grant Funding

Workshops – Consultant-led workshops to scope projects, identify knowledge gaps and help identify a funding strategy for your business.

Bid Writing – Full end-to-end application writing support from our team, supporting both single company and consortia applications.

Application Review – If you’ve already written your application, our expert Consultants can read and review, providing some pointers on where you could score higher!

Feedback & Resubmission Reviews – Our Consultants can also assist you to address assessor feedback and resubmit previously unsuccessful applications.

Grant Claim Management – Successful projects require regular meetings and updates with Monitoring Officers, we can assist with the management of your Grant Claims. Click here to find out more.

UK Grant Funding

Find out more about the funding opportunities from UK Funding Bodies such as Innovate UK and Local Enterprise Partnerships.

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EU Grant Funding

Find out more about the funding opportunities from Horizon Europe and other European Funding Bodies.

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View our Grant Funding brochure for more information.

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Why use a Bid Writer?

Grant Funding is provided through a competitive process, in which you apply to have your project assessed before being awarded any money from the funding body, if successful. Application forms can be long and complex, needing a high level of detail provided within tight word limits. It’s crucial to get the right balance of providing key information and addressing what the assessors want to see, and that’s exactly what our team of expert Consultants do!

Read more about how using an expert Bid Writer such as TBAT can support your business to access funding by clicking here.


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Take a look at our guide to a successful Innovate UK Grant Application.

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Applying for a Innovate UK Smart Grant?

Some Innovate UK funding competitions have a success rate of 11%. With that in mind, we believe that knowledge is power, so we have written this document as a how-to guide when it comes to writing a high-scoring Innovate UK application. We have addressed each question individually with a few top tips along the way!

Read more about how to write a successful grant application with our innovate UK smart grant application example.

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Assists organisations in accessing research and development grant funding across a range of UK and EU schemes and industry sectors.

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