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R&D Tax Credits

Our tried and tested process of claiming R&D Tax Credits for our clients has proven successful; building robust and comprehensive technical and financial reports that support claims against HMRC scrutiny. We have a great understanding of HMRC requirements and have successfully claimed from a range of industry sectors. Our clients’ satisfaction is paramount, with all of them receiving their benefit from HMRC. As a result, many return year on year.

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Grant Funding

Grant Funding is provided through a competitive process, in which you apply to have your project assessed before being awarded any money from the funding body, if successful. Application forms can be long and complex, needing a high level of detail provided within tight word limits. It’s crucial to get the right balance of providing key information and addressing what the assessors want to see, and that’s exactly what our team of expert Consultants do!

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Video Games Tax Relief

We help businesses to claim Video Games Tax Relief for the design, production and testing of new video games. UK game developers can receive a Corporation Tax reduction or rebate worth up to 20% of the core production costs of a game.

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Capital Allowances

We help business to claim Capital Allowances tax relief to offset capital expenditure by allowing it to be deducted against their annual taxable income. UK businesses can claim capital allowances tax relief when they buy assets that are kept to use in the business, for example: equipment, machinery, business vehicles – these are known as plant & machinery.

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SEIS / EIS Support

We support start-ups and early-stage businesses looking for investment, to grow and develop by two generous tax relief schemes. For a business, the EIS and SEIS schemes benefit you by making you a more attractive, less risky investment opportunity to investors. For an investor, the EIS and SEIS schemes offer potentially significant income tax and capital gains reliefs when they make an investment (into an eligible start-up or business).

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Patent Box

We help business claim Patent Box tax relief, which rewards UK companies that are driving innovation and developing new patented inventions. Companies can use the Patent Box to reduce Corporation Tax on profits. Your company could pay a reduced rate of 10% Corporate Tax if it exploits patented inventions and innovations.

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Who Are TBAT?

TBAT are a value-led independent consultancy, offering consultancy services to assist UK organisations in accessing grant funding and tax incentives to drive innovation. We have over 19 years’ experience working with technology & research and development organisations all over the UK – helping them to progress their projects from beginning to end. We believe that offering our wide range of innovation support consultancy services is crucial to helping companies succeed with their R&D projects and adds value to our clients.

Innovation is inherently risky, making the need for additional funds crucial to successfully commercialising a new technology. With some Grant Funding only available through a competitive process and R&D Tax needing to be claimed via HMRC, our expert consultancy services assistance is the key to success.

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