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R&D Tax Credits

The R&D Tax Credits scheme is an HMRC incentive, designed to inspire innovation and increased spending on R&D activities by companies operating in the UK.


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Claiming R&D Tax Credits

If you are a UK business that has invested in innovation and completed research and development, you could be eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits.

Our aim is to simplify the R&D Tax Credits claim process with minimal disruption to your business. We have Consultants with expertise in a wide variety of science, engineering, software and healthcare disciplines and therefore, fully understand the science and technology your project is centred around. Additionally, our in-house accountant is a member of the ICAEW and reviews all R&D financial claims following PCRT principles and standards of behaviour.

We do the work so you can receive the credit, ‘bridging the technical expertise gap’ between you the Client and your Accountant in order to submit a robust, successful and legitimate claim to HMRC.

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R&D Tax Credits Schemes

In the UK, Research and Development (R&D) tax credit schemes are designed to incentivise businesses to invest in innovation. These schemes offer tax relief to companies engaging in qualifying R&D activities, allowing them to reduce their tax liability or claim cash refunds. The UK government offers different R&D tax credit schemes, including the SME R&D tax credit scheme and the R&D expenditure credit (RDEC) scheme for larger companies.

These schemes aim to stimulate technological advancement and drive economic growth by supporting businesses in their pursuit of innovation and development. Additionally, they encourage companies to push the boundaries of knowledge and create competitive advantages in global markets.

In the table below, we provide a brief outline of each scheme. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the schemes further, please get in touch.


31st March 2023 
1st April 2023 –

31st March 2024

1st April 2024

SME Scheme

130% uplift
14.5% Cash in losses
19-33% Benefit 

86% Uplift
10% Cash in losses
9-21% Benefit


RDEC Scheme

13% Rate
10.5% Benefit
20% Rate
15- 16.2% Benefit 

SME RI Scheme

N/A  40% R&D of costs
14.5% Cash in losses
27% Benefit 
30% R&D of costs 
14.5% cash in losses 
27% benefit 

Merged Scheme

N/A N/A RDEC type scheme
20% rate
15-16.2% benefit

Am I eligible for R&D Tax Credits?


Eligibility Criteria

Further to the scheme eligibility criteria regarding the size of your business and turnover, there are some basic eligibility criteria that your business must meet. These include:

  • UK Registered, Company liable for corporation tax
  • Must be performing Research and Development (R&D)
  • Must have spent money on this R&D

Further to this, your Research and Development must meet the following standard from HMRC:

“Eligible R&D is considered as activities that seek to:

  • Achieve an advance in overall knowledge or capability in the field of science or technology, and;
  • Resolve scientific or technical uncertainty.”

To read more about eligible R&D activities, please click here.

Eligible Expenditure

HMRC have set out parameters of what project costs are eligible to be claimed. These costs include:

  • Staff costs – salaries, employer’s NIC and pension contributions and reimbursed business expenses.
  • Materials and utilities that are used or transformed in the R&D process.
  • Software costs.
  • Subcontract costs (these are generally ineligible under RDEC Scheme).
  • Externally Provided Workers (EPWs).

To learn more about the eligible expenditure for your R&D projects, please click here.


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Why work with TBAT?

Our tried and tested process of claiming R&D Tax Credits for our clients has proven successful; building robust and comprehensive technical and financial reports that support claims against HMRC scrutiny.

We have been working on R&D Tax Credits claims for over 10 years and have identified over £210 million in eligible R&D spend and brought £24 million in tax benefit to our clients, boosting their ability to stay ahead in a globally competitive market.

TBAT’s Senior R&D Tax Consultant, Ian Davie, is an attendee of HMRC’s Research and Development Communication Forum, meaning we’re always up to date on legislation and guidance changes and are expertly placed to handle your claim.

Our in-house Accountant, Elaine Williams, is a member of the ICAEW with 20 years of post qualification experience and is responsible for reviewing all of the R&D financial claims prepared by TBAT, as well as liaising with accountants to ensure that R&D claims are entered correctly onto the CT600 tax returns.

We have a great understanding of HMRC requirements and have successfully claimed from a range of industry sectors. Our clients’ satisfaction is paramount, with all of them receiving their benefit from HMRC. As a result, many return year on year.


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Find out how we can help your industry sector access Grant Funding and claim R&D Tax Credits.

Field Doctor

Field Doctor retained TBAT Innovation Ltd to secure an Innovate UK Better Food For All Grant.

Grant Funding

European Power Systems

European Power Systems were referred by Charnwood Accountants & Business Advisors LLP in 2020 to claim R&D Tax Credits with TBAT Innovation Ltd.

R&D Tax Credits


Orderly retained TBAT Innovation Ltd to secure an Innovate UK SMART Grant, following their successful partnership supporting Orderly’s R&D Tax Credits claims.

Grant Funding

WhatBox Consulting

WhatBox Consulting Ltd first reached out to TBAT Innovation Ltd to discuss R&D Tax Credits for their development project and becoming a Referral Partner.

Partner Referral Scheme

HMRC Enquiry Support

TBAT assisted a company with their incorrect R&D Tax Credit Accountant prepared claim and to resolve an HMRC enquiry.

R&D Tax Credits

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