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My career started at Rolls-Royce in Derby through sponsorship of my Mechanical Engineering degree from Brunel University, returning to Rolls-Royce as a Manufacturing Engineer. Leaving large companies behind I worked for a number of smaller companies managing manufacturing operations. Through this, I was exposed to Lean Manufacturing and loved the common sense but a simple systematic approach that lean gives you.

Prior to joining TBAT, I spent 8 great years working at Pera Consulting on the Manufacturing Advisory Service, a very successful support programme for manufacturers. During this time I had contact with nearly 1100 manufacturers, reviewing many of these businesses, making suggestions for improvement around Strategy, Productivity, Supply Chains and Innovation to assist them to achieve their growth ambitions and potential. This would then be followed up with funding and project support to give the companies the direct tailored support they needed to grow.

In my 7+ years at TBAT, I’ve remained devoted to assisting manufacturers. I continue to offer advice, consultancy, and aid in securing R&D tax credits and grants, utilising TBAT’s extensive services for our clients’ success.

Away from work, my family (wife, 2 boys, 2 cats and a dog) keeps life busy, especially with the Dad Taxi. I love travelling, though this is not so easy with a family, having spent time around Europe, India, Australia, Venezuela, Bolivia and South Africa, with many a story to tell! The travel then mixes nicely with my hobby of photography, particularly landscapes, people and in black in white. I also manage and am one of 8 coaches for the local Melbourne Rugby U16s, with 30 active kids playing it’s a joy to see these young players develop.

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