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EU Grant Funding is available from many EU Funding bodies such as Horizon Europe, European Space Agency (ESA) and EUREKA.

European Grant Funding is available to UK organisations through funding bodies such as Horizon Europe, European Space Agency and EUREKA.

EU Grant Funding are typically available through a competitive process, in which organisations apply and are awarded if successful.

Due to the number of applicants from all over the European Union, the ratio of applications to funded projects is small, therefore using a specialist big writer to build a robust application can be key to being awarded funding!

EU Funding Bodies

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is a seven year (2021-2027) €95.5 billion programme of which €53.8 billion is available to focus particularly on Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness pillar of Horizon Europe.

Focus areas for funding are:

  • Health
  • Culture, creativity and inclusive society
  • Civil security for society
  • Digital, industry and space
  • Climate, energy and mobility
  • Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment

UK participation has been confirmed, allowing UK organisations to access EU research and innovation funding until the end of the programme.

European Space Agency – Business Applications (ESA)

European Funding is provided by ESA Business Applications to businesses integrating space data and technology into commercial services by using space assets such as:

  • Spaceflight technologies
  • Satellite Communications
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Satellite Earth Observation
  • Space Weather


United Kingdom organisations participating in international R&D projects are eligible for funding through our EUREKA Network projects, Globalstars, Eurostars and Clusters programmes. These are primarily ran through Innovate UK.

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Applying for EU Grant Funding

It’s crucial that when applying for EU Grant Funding, you have a strong and game changing idea, and present it via your application in a way that the assessors will understand. Our team have experience applying for EU Grant Funding for our clients, across all EU funding bodies, with a 76% success rate across all schemes.

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Success Stories

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Modus Accountants

Modus Accountants are Oxfordshire’s leading Chartered Accountancy firm. They joined TBAT's Partner Referral Scheme in 2019, following a local networking event.

Partner Referral Scheme

Grey Wolf Therapeutics

Grey Wolf Therapeutics (‘Grey Wolf’) is a UK-based drug-discovery biotechnology company focused on developing novel immuno-oncology therapies.

Grant Funding

Five Rivers Child Care Limited

Five Rivers offers an integrated, comprehensive, personal service to the people in need of their care (children, staff, and foster carers).

R&D Tax Credits


This was the second time Tecman worked with TBAT, having previously used TBAT’s services to successfully obtain funding.

Grant Funding


aiPod approached TBAT for a full bid-writing and submission service to secure their first UK Grant Funding.

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