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Does your business have an HMRC Enquiry into its claimed R&D Tax Credits?  

Our HMRC Enquiry Support for R&D Tax Credits is designed to provide you with comprehensive assistance in case of, and during, an HMRC enquiry into your R&D tax credit claim. 

Our expert team are on hand to help, making the process as smooth as possible.

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Our Expertise

TBAT Innovation is a leading R&D tax credit consultancy with a team of experienced tax consultants and technical experts who specialise in supporting businesses in their R&D tax credit claims. We have a proven record of successfully handling HMRC enquiries and defending R&D tax credit claims for our clients.

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Our Services

HMRC Enquiry Handling
We will represent you and manage the entire enquiry process on your behalf, from initial contact to resolution. Our experts will liaise with HMRC, respond to their queries, and provide them with the necessary information and documentation to support your claim.

Robust Defence Strategy
We will work closely with you to develop a robust defence strategy tailored to your specific circumstances. Our experts will review your original claim and supporting documentation to identify any potential weaknesses and proactively address them.

Technical Expertise
Our team of technical experts will provide in-depth support to substantiate the scientific and technical aspects of your R&D activities. We will work with you to gather the required evidence and documentation, including technical reports, project documentation, and technical drawings, to support your claim and effectively respond to HMRC’s technical queries.

Professional Representation
Our experienced tax consultants will professionally represent you and your business in all interactions with HMRC, ensuring that your interests are protected and that your claim is presented in the best possible light. We will provide clear and concise explanations to HMRC’s queries and assist you in providing the necessary information to support your claim.

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Why Choose TBAT Innovation?

Our team of experienced tax consultants and technical experts have in-depth knowledge of R&D tax credit legislation, HMRC enquiry procedures, and best practices for defending R&D tax credit claims. We have a proven record of accomplishment of successfully handling HMRC enquiries and defending R&D tax credit claims for our clients.

Tailored Approach
We understand that every business is unique, and we will tailor our services to your specific needs and circumstances. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your R&D activities, gather the necessary technical evidence, and develop a defence strategy that is tailored to your business.

Our streamlined processes and efficient communication channels will ensure that your HMRC enquiry is handled promptly and effectively. We will proactively manage the enquiry process, provide regular updates, and work towards a swift resolution, minimizing the impact on your business operations.

Peace of Mind
With TBAT Innovation’s HMRC Enquiry Support for R&D Tax Credits, you can have peace of mind knowing that your claim is in expert hands. We will provide you with professional representation, robust defence strategy, and technical expertise, giving you the confidence that your claim is well-supported and defended in case of an HMRC enquiry.


“It’s more important than ever to partner with a reliable R&D Tax Credits support provider, one that you can trust to make a robust claim on your behalf to reduce the risk of you being subject to an HMRC enquiry; and, that will support you to defend your claim, should you receive one.”

Elaine Williams - Finance Director - TBAT Innovation Ltd

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