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Online R&D Tax Credits Portal

Our expertly supported Online R&D Tax Credits portal, helping you accurately maximise your R&D tax claim.

Online R&D Tax Portal

Previously known as Swift R&D, TBAT’s Online R&D Tax Portal is an expert supported, interactive online R&D Tax Credits portal – allowing you the ease and flexibility of processing your own claim hassle-free, with the guiding hand of our consultants. 

No R&D tax claim is ever the same, because of this TBAT has developed it own R&D Tax Portal that is tailored to the R&D tax claim process. This innovative system allows you to have increased visibility of your claim from start to finish while allowing you to provide your information anytime from anywhere.  

TBAT Innovation offer a 360 degree approach to funding innovative R&D, offering services for the full life-cycle of any project, including Grant Funding, Video Games Tax Relief, Patent Box, SEIS / EIS, Grant Claims Management and R&D Tax Credits. With 19 years’ experience we’ve helped many small and large companies claim R&D tax reliefs. We know the R&D tax system inside out and want to offer you our skills, online and at your convenience – so we created this Online R&D Tax Portal. 

How the Online Portal Works

Depending on the best actions for the claim, and how you like to work, the system is set up to allow you to input key company, financial or technical information yourself or for an R&D Tax consultant to meet with you and help with this. We understand that sometimes people need a hand, especially with the complexity of tax, and that’s why we are here to help. 

The system has been designed for all manner of claim sizes and, with the support of your R&D Tax Consultant, can maximise your claim while ensuring it meets all HMRC’s requirements. The Online R&D Tax Portal is run by experienced R&D Tax Consultants who are part of a larger team and are there to support you and ensure your claim reaches completion most efficiently. 

The Process

The Online R&D Tax Portal process has been designed specifically to make R&D Tax Credit claims as simple for you as possible. By following our custom process, you will finish your claim with a comprehensive financial and technical report – checked by an experienced R&D Tax Consultant, which is ready to be submitted to HMRC along with the Corporation Tax calculations and CT600 form, completed by our in-house accountants free of charge. 

On the other hand, if you want to submit this financial and technical report via your own Accountant, that is fine with us. Our Online R&D Tax Portal is fully flexible and entirely under our control as we developed it ourselves. We are happy to work with your Accountants on your claim to ensure the easiest and quickest completion while maintaining a high claim quality. 

Some parts of an R&D tax claim are simple questions that you can answer to save time – like your company’s address, for example. In comparison, other HMRC requirements may fill you with dread. This is why our Online R&D Tax Portal is run by our R&D Tax Consultants, who guide you through, review and complete the claim with you. Thus, you can quickly complete the simple bits and then work with a Consultant for the more difficult sections – capturing all key HMRC requirements most effectively. 

Need to delegate elements of the process? That is fine with us too. The Online R&D Tax Portal process is also set up for you to invite key individuals to specific sections of the claim. For example, if a Technical Director is needed to complete the reporting of the R&D projects, the system can allow you to do this. 

I already use the Online R&D Tax Portal – How do I log in?

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What could I claim in R&D Tax Credits?

Our R&D Tax Credits Calculator will give you a ball-park figure on how much R&D Tax Relief you could receive from HMRC. This can be done for the current financial year and the 2 previous years. Enter some basic numbers and we’ll estimate what it could be worth.

How do I sign up to use the Portal?

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