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I founded TBAT in 2002, as a broad based consultancy supporting the SME sector. Over the next five years TBAT evolved into the innovation driving enterprise it is today! Focusing on helping companies throughout the cradle to grave of new product and process innovation.

I’m passionate about engineering and from an early age was tinkering with lawnmower powered go-karts and radio controlled aircraft. This passion still continues today through vintage and classic car restoration.

I started my career at Rolls-Royce Aerospace as a graduate and manufacturing engineer before moving across to Rolls Royce and Associates as a Development and Project Engineer. Four great years designing and implementing repairs to the UK’s nuclear submarine fleet delivered a wealth of engineering and an appreciation of real-life deployments of new technology in demanding environments. Three years project management of gas turbine development and test at Alstom further expanded my skill set and knowledge.   Now, I head up Business Development and R&D Tax Credits side of the business.

When I’m not rebuilding and racing vintage cars, you’ll find me spending time with my wife and two children.

An independent consultancy, highly skilled and experienced

Assists organisations in accessing research and development grant funding across a range of UK and EU schemes and industry sectors.

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