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I feel very grateful for the opportunity to write and learn about new technical subjects. Working for TBAT is a vocation, not just an occupation.

I remember non-stop reading sessions as a child – always on the lookout for better books to get lost into. This interest in reading quickly developed into a love of writing during my engineering degree at the University of Nottingham, swiftly transforming into a fascination for researching new technologies and new subject areas while a researcher of computer science. I was able to translate these skills into writing research proposals and working with people from different backgrounds when running a priority research group at the same university or working on multi-university projects for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Quantico.

There is something intrinsically satisfying about completing an R&D tax claim report – one that encompasses all the technical challenges that a company has faced, and explains everything clearly for the layman. Learning and writing about the varied subject areas that TBAT’s clients work in gives me a real buzz.

Life’s too short to spend your time doing things you don’t love. Which is why when I’m not learning, researching and writing, I like to indulge in watching as many local and not-so-local wrestling matches as time allows.

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