21 Dec 2018

TBAT’s Favourite Innovations of 2018

Matt Symonds

The Festive period allows us to reflect on the past 12 months, and delve into our favourite innovations of 2018.

Fundamental Surgery

Their VR training for surgical procedures allows surgeons to practice in the same way pilots use flight simulators.

The system allows trainees to get realistic feedback, giving the ability to practice, rehearse and fine-tune their skills without the need and cost of cadavers!

Fundamental Surgery’s innovation has been recognised by The Times and has received funding from Innovate UK to further develop the tech across a range of surgical disciplines and provide evidence of the effectiveness of this technology.

Ilke Homes

Precision-engineered, pre-fabricated, modular housing solutions to tackle the UK’s quality housing shortage.

Their homes are energy efficient (typically costing 20% less to heat than traditionally built brand-new properties), manufactured in Yorkshire and up to 6 homes can be installed per day!


RASA BETA hydrogen powered 2-seater car. Designed for a ‘world in which we now live’ – weighing just 580kg and emitting nothing but water.

The Beta model is due to be trialled in Monmouthshire and if successful, could leave to the development of a fleet of vans to be used for last-mile delivery work.

Riversimple’s business idea, is not to sell the vehicle, but to offer it on a contract basis including the vehicle hire, insurance and fuel.

KAI Vision

Keen AI developed their KAI Vision system so that National Grid could automatically identify defects on their overhead lines by the system analysing drone captured footage – reducing the time taken to review the footage by 60% by using machine learning algorithms.

The system also reduces the risk of a bottleneck of data which waits to be reviewed and the quality of review has continuity and is not dependent on the ‘human’ analyst.

The use of AI and machine learning is endless!


This innovative app is currently being trialled with West Midlands Railway.

It allows transport operators to better understand the needs of their passengers and gives passengers the ability to request assistance, report obstructions and connects them directly with the train operators in real-time – giving equal access to all passengers with no trouble and no effort.


The first of its kind – a migraine prevention drug delivered by injection.

The drug works by blocking the receptor in the brain, that is thought to be involved in the transmission of migraine pain signals.

Aimovig is now licensed for use in the UK, but is yet to have NICE recommendations for its use within the NHS!

The use of Aimovig could be a game-changing moment in the history of migraine treatment and help the tens of thousands that suffer from migraine.


A joint venture between Williams Advanced Engineering and Unipart – Hyperbat is set to be a significant step forward in the UK’s contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions by manufacturing high performance vehicle battery technology to power the electric vehicles of the future.

The launch customer for Hyperbat batteries is the Aston Martin Rapide E – we cannot wait to see technology in action!

Production of the Hyperbat batteries will begin in early 2019, at the Unipart Coventry site.

Lightfoot UK

The Lightfoot UK vehicle telematics system is F1-style driver tech, giving feedback on driving style – rewarding ‘green’ driving.

Lightfoot UK were one of the first companies awarded an Innovate UK Innovation Loan to scale up their business in order to offer the telematics system to consumers as well as fleets.

‘Green’ driving is rewarded with things such as discounts for restaurants, gyms, high street stores, days out and more!

Trakka Medical

Trakka Medical’s Health App allows pregnant women to self-monitor their blood pressure at home via a phone/tablet.

The App displays results in an easy to understand format and gives alerts if a hospital visit is required due to the results inputted.

The App also connects the patient to a maternity unit upon set-up where clinicians can review the data collected by the patient.


MediaGamma are in the process of developing fully automated creative campaigns for the digital ad industry.

They received Innovate UK funding to achieve this; by using machine learning algorithms, they expect to be able to bridge the gap from where the digital ad market is now, to a more efficient and and complete bid-management technology.

We are excited to see the technology come to fruition!


ICON’s 3D printed homes are an innovative solution to providing affordable housing by cutting time and costs of construction.

Their aim is to make the future of house building affordable, sustainable and customisable via 3D printing, advanced robotics and cutting-edge materials.

They developed a prototype in March 2018 in America to demonstrate what could be achieved!

Eversense CGM

The Eversense CGM System allows people to manage their diabetes continuously for up to a 3 month period without the need for finger prick blood tests.

The monitor is an implantable sensor, along with a removable and rechargeable smart transmitter that connects to an app – allowing real-time blood glucose monitoring.

The app not only allows you to track your data in 5 minute intervals, but also delivers predictive alerts to let the patient know if their glucose is moving towards a ‘high’ or ‘low’ event; giving them the ability to rectify their blood glucose levels prior to an event.

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