21 May 2020

Future Flight Phase II – launched!

Matt Symonds

Future Flight Challenge (FFC) is a 4-year, £125 million Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) programme; its funding is delivered by Innovate UK.

Phase I of the challenge was launched in September 2019, offering successful applicants the chance to partake in a 2-day discovery workshop to build project ideas and consortia.

Phase II

Phase II of the Future Flight competition opened 11th May 2020 and has £30 million in funding available over 2 strands:

Development, for large collaborative projects, with costs of between £500,000 and £10 million.

Fast Track Development, for small collaborative projects with costs of between £150,000 and £500,000.

The application deadline for both strands is 1st July 2020.

Find out more about the Future Flight Challenge below.

TBAT are working with Axillium

The Future Flight Alliance has been developed by Axillium and is focused on developing the UK value-chain through open collaboration and scalable innovation support to researchers and innovators, of any size, in the future flight market.

As the Alliance gathers momentum, TBAT Innovation have become a partner to offer structured innovation support to partners launching applications in complex technical environments, with access to grant funding.

As well as the Innovate UK funding, the Alliance will support access to both public and private investment as the sector emerges.

Find out more about the Alliance and our collaboration below.

How can TBAT help?

Our unique skillset allows us to be your ideal innovation support partner. We can help you by identifying funding opportunities suitable to your project, advising you regarding scope and eligibility criteria, writing and reviewing applications and also manage your Grant Claims once your project begins.

If you’d like to discuss working with us for any of this, please get in touch.

What is the Future Flight Challenge?

Taken from the UKRI webpage – “This challenge aims to revolutionise the way people, goods and services fly and position the UK as a world leader in aviation products and markets worth over $675 billion (£559bn) to 2050.

It will support the development, in the UK, of new technologies from freight-carrying drones to urban air vehicles to hybrid-electric regional aircraft.

The challenge will also develop the supporting ground infrastructure, regulation and control systems, required to use these new aircraft practically and safely.

These new modes of travel will increase mobility, reduce road congestion, improve connectivity, increase UK manufacturing opportunities and help aviation to reduce its environmental impact around the world.

In summary, “The challenge will cover four areas of activity:

  • Control and regulations including air traffic management
  • New operating models
  • Ground infrastructure
  • Integrating new aircraft with a new aviation system”

Phase II of the Future Flight Challenge is the first round where Grant Funding is available to applicants.

The competitions are being delivered in Phases to allow businesses, projects and already established consortia to build on their work from the previous phase(s). However, applications are still open to businesses and consortia that have not been involved in previous rounds.

The Future Flight Alliance

The Future Flight Alliance has been created to bring new technology to market through collaborative grant funded research and innovation within a proven framework of methodologies and relationships. The Alliance operates under an umbrella of strategic relationships to establish the innovation value chain aligned with UK Industrial Strategy Funding.

The primary focus of the Alliance is on collaboration, which is why TBAT and Axillium have joined forces to assist in developing a wide engagement of work streams, use cases and research focussed outcomes to address the Future Flight grand challenges.

As well as the Innovate UK funding, the Alliance will support access to both public and private investment as the sector emerges.

If you’re looking to collaborate, then the Alliance could be the place to start as it stimulates, supports and manages collaborations across industry and academia to innovate.

To get in touch with the Future Flight Alliance, you can contact Will Searle at Axillium –

Will Searle, Director, The Future Flight Alliance

E. Will.Searle@Axillium.com

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