Transport Technology Research Innovation Grant (T-TRIG) Open Call

Key Features

The Transport Technology Research Innovation Grant (T-TRIG) funds early-stage research projects into innovative ideas or concepts to help create a better transport system

Programme:     The Transport Technology Research Innovation Grant (T-TRIG)

Award:     Up to £25,000

Opens: 5th Dec 2016

Closes: 9th Jan 2017

! This scheme is now closed


The purpose of the open call competition is to seek innovative ideas that have the potential to address a UK transport challenge.

It should be noted that although the open call competition is available to all transport challenges, applicants should align their proposals with DfT’s priorities.

  • Projects must clearly articulate what challenge is being addressed. The solution to this challenge must be innovative and focussed on science, engineering or technology or the use of the technology.
  • Projects should be at the early stage of research, looking to prove a concept or develop a feasibility study.
  • The research should describe what solution is being proposed and clearly highlight the innovative aspects.
  • The solution could well be a completely novel idea or approach. However, approaches or innovations from other areas, applied in a novel way to transport will also be of interest.
  • A fully competent team should be able to deliver the aims and objectives of the study and have identified relevant risks to the project. Risk mitigation measures should be suitably identified.


  • Applicants can apply for a project grant of up to £25,000.
  • The budget available for the open call is approximately £300,000. The Department for Transport  is looking to fund up to 12 projects, however, this will depend on the quality of applications.