Innovation in Infrastructure Systems

Key Features

Businesses can apply for a share of up to £15 million to develop innovative solutions to challenges in the infrastructure systems sector.

Programme:     Innovate UK

Award:     Up to £2.5m

Opens: 4th Jul 2016

Closes: 21st Sep 2016

! This scheme is now closed

‘Infrastructure systems’ describes the systems that provide critical societal services. These include energy, mobility and those services that enable towns and cities to thrive. As these systems face increasing social and environmental pressures, we need innovation to ensure:

  • resilience to change
  • fitness for purpose in the future
  • optimal value from investment

The aim of this competition is to speed up and broaden the innovation which creates UK business growth in infrastructure systems.

To be in scope, a project must show clear and significant innovation in one or more of the following areas:

  • energy systems
  • nuclear fission
  • offshore wind
  • connected transport
  • urban living
  • smart, resilient and sustainable integrated infrastructure

Energy systems

  • Innovations in the ability to match energy supply and demand. These should create significant improvements in value proposition, energy affordability, security and environmental sustainability.

Nuclear fission

  • Innovations that lead to major cost reductions, improved asset integrity and supply chain development for current and future UK and global civil nuclear markets including decommissioning.

Offshore wind

  • Innovations that, when in use, will result in substantial reductions in the cost of energy from offshore wind.

Connected transport

  • Balancing transportation infrastructure peak demands through innovative system design and integration. Connecting people and goods through intermodal transport. At the same time, improving network capacity, efficiency and operational cost.