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Bulb Studios were referred to TBAT after thinking they were not eligible for R&D Tax Credits.

Bulb Studios were referred to TBAT after thinking they were not eligible for R&D Tax Credits.


Bulb Studios is a Leicestershire based, award-winning, independent digital design agency founded in 2007 working across a range of disciplines: mobile, web, content and design, with specialisms in; User Experience & User Interface Design, web & mobile development and video & motion graphics.

Up until 2012, like many digital agencies, Bulb Studios thought they were not eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits. This all changed when a business connection in the same industry referred them to TBAT following their successful claim. This recommendation was all that was needed to convince the team at Bulb Studios that TBAT were the ideal partner to deliver their first R&D Tax Credit claim.


Since beginning Bulb Studios’ claims in 2012, TBAT Director, Sam, and Consultant, Lorna, have worked closely with them. They put the whole team at ease and fully understand their business, employee’s roles and R&D projects.

For their 2017-18 claim, one of their notable projects included working with a large automotive OEM to develop an innovative mobile application. This app monitors end-user’s car journeys to advise whether an Electric Vehicle (EV) would be suitable for them.

Needing to make a mobile application work with such a large amount of data, collected over a prolonged period was technically challenging. This resulted in Bulb developing innovative algorithms and integrated machine learning, for the app to be able to process and deliver accurate recommendations to the end-user.

With Lorna’s previous experience working seamlessly on Bulb Studio’s claims, she was quickly able to arrange targeted information-gathering meetings with key team members. Lorna developed a detailed understanding of the R&D involved in overcoming the technical uncertainties and clearly articulated these in the written technical report, required by HMRC.


The technical and financial report went through TBAT’s rigorous internal quality control processes to ensure their compliance with HMRC standards. Bulb Studios’ accountants were then able to submit their R&D Tax Credit claim, along with the amended CT600. This resulted in Bulb Studios being awarded a 5-figure sum as tax relief from the HMRC.

What next?

Following their successful claim, Bulb Studios aims to make 2019 a year to remember. They plan on expanding their 13-strong team to focus on data analysis, adding to their realm of expertise.

Being able to secure the additional funds via the R&D Tax Credits scheme year-on-year has given Bulb Studios the confidence to re-invest in the business, de-risk part of their planned strategic changes and accelerate the uptake of these plans!

Due to the level of service received, and the personal nature of the partnership built over 7 years working together, Bulb Studios continue to be an active referral partner. They recommend TBAT to their clients and connections alike, earning additional revenue from the TBAT Partnership Programme.


“The team at TBAT just get it! They very quickly understood our offer and worked seamlessly across all levels of the business, from Junior developers to the Financial Director to make the process of successfully claiming our R&D tax credits, painless and ultimately rewarding.”

Jim Willis – Managing Director.

Lorna Goodwin

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