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£230K claimed from over £1m identified spend of eligible R&D

The Project

TBAT was commissioned to undertake work for a SME specialising in software development work, consultancy and web development to claim R&D tax credits on several years of work. The client had a complex portfolio of projects, across a number of different company arms and involving programmers in the UK, Eastern Europe and the Far East. The range of clients and software programmes was challenging and the complexity of projects underpinned by extensive planning, programming and bug testing.

Need for Funding

The client had undertaken a great deal of internal R&D and had previously applied for tax credits, however they had greatly underestimated the level of research in these undertakings. In order to continue to undertake some of the riskier but more innovative projects the client sought to remain competitive through increasing funding and putting this back into innovation

TBAT’s assistance

Firstly, TBAT had to understand the structure of the businesses and the different types of software project management, programming and consultancy undertaken across these. Secondly we had to understand how foreign programmers were utilised and what the implications for R&D tax were. Thirdly we had to identify a number of projects and write these up in a way which showed a portfolio of overall work and fourthly we worked with the client in order to understand the time and effort in terms of research spent working on each project.


TBAT worked hard with the client to understand the claim from start to finish and to allow them to capture for future years the best internal method for understanding the research they performed. The final claim was in excess of 20 times the claim the company had previously estimated. After successful submission of the claim we maintained HMRC contact. The client has subsequently decided to use us again in following years.

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