What is Grant Funding?

Grant Funding is a great tool that companies developing innovative technology can use to support product development. Developing new products, processes and services is inherently risky, therefore, enables companies to fund development with no loss of equity and can offer up to 100% funding for a project.

Grant Funding is typically accessed through a competitive process, in which prospective applicants must define their proposed project and potential benefits within tight word limits and a pre-defined range of questions. These applications are then independently evaluated to ensure fair assessment with only the top scoring proposals awarded funding.

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Can I resubmit an unsuccessful application?

Yes, any single project can be submitted twice to a competition within Innovate UK. Competitions run by other funding bodies are exempt from this ruling.

How do I find Grant Funding?

The best place we can recommend to find out what Funding is currently available is on our website. We regularly review all open funding calls from the various funding bodies, including Innovate UK and Horizon Europe, and compile the open competitions with simple to understand details on our website. All competitions are listed on our Funding Finder.

Why use a Bid Writer?

Grant Funding is through a competitive process, where you apply with your project details to be assessed before being awarded any money from the funding body, if you are successful in the competition. Application forms can be long and complex and require a high level of detail within tight word limits. It’s crucial to get the right balance of providing key information and addressing what the grant funding assessors want to see – that’s exactly what our team of expert Consultants do!

Read more about how using an expert Bid Writer such as TBAT can support your business to access funding by clicking here.

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