01 Mar 2022

WEBINAR: All you need to know about Video Games Tax Relief – with Barclays!

Ian Davie
Senior Consultant

Register to attend our webinar – All you need to know about Video Games Tax Relief – on 5th April 2022. We’ll be joined by National Head for Business Development in Barclays UK Games Team, Gavin Smith.

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Join TBAT Innovation Ltd and Barclays for a collaborative workshop focused on how to benefit from Video Games Tax Relief.

Video Games Tax Relief allows UK game developers can receive a Corporation Tax reduction or rebate worth up to 20% of the core production costs of a game.

Many developers are either unaware of their eligibility for the Video Games Tax Relief scheme or are not yet claiming due to the complex guidelines and time-consuming nature of making tax relief claims.

As Tax Relief Specialists, TBAT aim to help as many businesses as possible realise that making a claim is hugely beneficial and to ensure the claim is to its fullest potential; while Barclays can provide expert financial advice and advanced funds against your future tax relief claims.

We will cover:

  • Introductions
  • Eligibility:
  • What/Who is a Video Game Development Company
  • Eligible Stages of Development
  • Eligible Expenditure
  • British Film Institute Cultural test & Certification
  • Intricacies of the Scheme
  • How to Claim via HMRC
  • Securing Advanced Funds against your future Tax Relief
  • Any Questions?

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Gavin Smith – National Head for Business Development in Barclays UK Games Team

I have been leading on the proposition within the Barclays UK coverage team for the last 3 years. Barclays has a rich history in the creative industries. I wanted to make sure the video games sectors had the same level of attention. We have really been able to show our commitment to the industry, from creating a tax credit loan product to joining forces with the key trading bodies to provide non-banking support.

From day to day banking advise, cash flow support, to introductions we can make via our growing network, we are here to help.

Ian Davie – Senior Consultant at TBAT Innovation Ltd

Ian Davie joined TBAT in 2016 as a Senior Consultant for the R&D Tax Credit Team. Ian began his career with Rolls-Royce as a Manufacturing Engineer and later spent 8 years at Pera Consulting working on the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS).

Ian has vast experience working with Manufacturing businesses to review and suggest improvements for strategy, productivity, supply chains and innovation and now spends his time encouraging businesses to integrate R&D Tax into their funding strategy.

Barclays have been supporting creative industries since 1986 and their deep understanding of your needs is why they offer financial solutions that are as flexible as you are. They know how to help you make the most out of opportunities with their network of industry-aligned experts and they’re dedicated to their ongoing journey of learning alongside the video gaming sector.

TBAT Innovation Ltd are a value-led independent consultancy with over 19 years’ experience working with technology & research and development organisations all over the UK to fund their innovation. Their innovation support services include; Grant Funding, R&D Tax Credits, Video Game Tax Relief, Capital Allowances, SEIS/EIS and Patent Box.

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