17 Jan 2020

What does R&D mean and how can it help to fund your business?

What does R&D mean and how can it help to fund your business?

We’ve collaborated with Director, Vicki Strachan, from the Mathys & Squire Oxford Branch, to write an article about the benefits of accessing R&D Tax Relief, for the Business & Innovation Magazine.

Mathys & Squire and Vicki are a TBAT Innovation Partner in the Oxfordshire area. Together we hosted our first joint event in December 2019, welcoming in the festive period with our local connections and clients.

As Patent Attorney’s, Mathys & Squire understand the need for UK businesses to produce innovative and cutting-edge new products, processes and services as well as the importance of funding to enable their research and development.

We’re looking forward to collaborating further with Vicki and her team in 2020, to expand our network in the region!

In the article, we openly discuss with Vicki, what R&D means and how the highly beneficial R&D Tax Credit schemes can be used to help inject additional funds into your business, allowing you to continue to innovate.

By using the schemes available, your business can receive either a Corporation Tax deduction, or a cash injection from HMRC as a reward for the R&D you have already undertaken.

The article is featured in their January/February 2020 issue and can be found on page 28.

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