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My interest in R&D incentives and innovation funding came about while completing my master’s research into the technological effects of cyberspace, big tech, and data on cyber security and territorial sovereignty. This took me to cool places, including the EU headquarters in Brussels and the UN headquarters in New York, and gave me fantastic insight into policy initiatives relating to the governance of technology, R&D, and security policy.

After graduating in 2020, I managed to secure an internship at the British High Commission in Wellington, New Zealand. The role involved researching and gathering evidence to support the policy-making process. Unfortunately, due to the bombshell that was COVID-19, I had to return home, however, I was fortunate to find a position that allowed me to pursue my love of writing about technology.

Working at TBAT, I assist clients in navigating the complicated landscape of tax incentives that is DSIT R&D policy. I have the opportunity to chat with industry professionals who are passionate about their work and write in-depth about how they have innovated in their fields. For me, this is a fantastic setup, as I get to learn something new every day.

Outside of work, I read a lot. I’m currently striving to beat my annual record of 37 books (recommendations are welcome). I also spend an embarrassing amount of time on Sporcle, testing my geography knowledge. I fill my remaining time either at the gym, watching my partner play rugby, or chatting with my friends for hours on end.

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