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For as long as I can remember I have always had an inquisitive mind and desire to learn. This passion lead me to becoming a Protein Purification Scientist following completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of Birmingham. For over 4 years I excelled in my role, working for a biotechnology company with an overarching aim to aid in the diagnosis and management of Multiple Myeloma and a range of immunological disorders. Throughout my time in the laboratory, I was able to contribute to the growth of the business, develop myself professionally in an R&D environment and, most importantly, help people struggling with these conditions.

Taking the step to pursue a career in R&D Tax has been the right decision for me as each day I am faced with new and innovative research that allows me to continually learn while also offering support to many truly deserving UK businesses. Collaborating with professionals in various sectors allows me an insight into up and coming technologies and get an in-depth understanding of each of their unique intricacies. As I progress in my role at TBAT, I am excited to apply my technical knowledge to a wide variety of projects and continue to drive innovation throughout the UK.

When I am not immersing myself in the world of R&D tax, I am a keen food blogger, a hobby that has allowed me to visit a range of delicious restaurants around the West Midlands and beyond! Alongside being a cat mom to 3 gorgeous fur babies, I like to fill my time being surrounded by my loved ones, reading plenty of mystery thriller books and brushing up on my yoga skills a couple of times a week.

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