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I have always had a keen fascination with how the world works. My father was a practical man, building a house from scratch and restoring multiple classic cars when I was growing up. I inherited this inquisitive nature; on multiple occasions I conducted total destruction testing investigations on the heads and limbs of my least favourite action figures.

This practical, inquisitive nature served me well in my academic life and beyond. I completed my studies in Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering at the University of Nottingham. I then embarked on my career as an engineering consultant at DNV, enrolling on their graduate scheme shortly after and working primarily in the metering industry, eventually becoming team leader for the low-pressure metering team. I later had a career change and moved to Experian as a product manager, working on multiple web-based interfaces and APIs in the public sector and insurance industries.

Working for TBAT Innovation is perfect as it means I get to speak to a range of enthusiastic industry experts, working on the cutting edge of developments in science and technology. It’s great to use my experience to be able to support organisations with their R&D tax claims.

Outside of work I enjoy being a father to two young daughters, who keep me on my toes with their unique outlook on life and thirst for learning! I fill my remaining time with running, playing guitar, singing, baking and co-organising a film club in Nottingham. I also support a charity that delivers music-based well-being sessions for the local community and in care homes.

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