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From an early age I was always out on my bike and therefore fixing my bike. I constantly thought about how the components could be designed more robustly, assembled quicker and ultimately last longer. This mindset eventually guided me into the world of industrial manufacturing, six sigma and operations management.

Having worked in multiple roles across R&D, Industrial Manufacturing, International Project Management and Operations Management within the white goods and management consultancy industries, I am now excited to focus on the delivery of my role as Managing Director.

I initially started my career through the Rolls Royce technical apprentice program whilst being sponsored by Vaillant Group, and progressed on to their internal graduate scheme balancing a packed work schedule in parallel with my university studies. Following on from the graduate scheme, I was selected for the international senior management program which opened opportunities for further career development. I was fortunate to relocate to Germany for 4 years and was responsible for new and existing large scale industrial manufacturing facilities throughout the Vaillant Group. I really enjoyed the opportunity to project manage the industrial engineering teams in multiple locations across Europe, to develop new product ranges, integrate advanced production facilities and to ensure that the customers’ requirements and future market demands were delivered. The project management knowledge and principles that I have obtained over the years were directly applied when I transferred back to the UK and joined TBAT as Operations Manager, whilst also embarking on my MBA journey.

My current role as Managing Director, enables me to have a holistic view of all factors that contribute towards the current and future success of the company, by ensuring processes and procedures are efficient and ultimately adding value for our customers. The variety of development projects and associated market sectors are vast which always keeps the content varied and everyone fully engaged.

Outside of work, I still like to head out on my bike, spend time with my family and travel as much as possible.

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