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I have always had a curious mind, always asking “why?” and “how?”. A fascination for science meant I was always tinkering with chemistry sets when I was younger, which only fuelled my interest. Continuing my love of science throughout my education led me to study for a Masters degree in chemistry at Newcastle University. Following this, I had a short stint in healthcare R&D developing cold and ‘flu remedies before returning to university to complete an Engineering Doctorate in carbon capture at Nottingham University. I then continued to work in the field of carbon capture for five years. During this time I had the opportunity to work on grant applications and this is what led me to TBAT Innovation.

As a consultant at TBAT, I am able to combine my love of learning and discovering new things with a passion for communicating new and innovative ideas and concepts to the wider world.

Away from work, I can often be found exploring the South Downs with my young family (preferably via a good pub for lunch!) or cooking up a feast in the kitchen at home.

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