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It’s only in recent years that I realised my passion for R&D began way before I started higher education. As a child, I lived very independently and from a young age I was free to tinker as I pleased. This started out with my first kids construction set, creating a vehicle that could survive a fall down our stairs; if a part broke off, I would strengthen, repair and test again. As I grew older, I became more adventurous: iterations of potato canons, stink bombs, bathtub depth charges and a go-kart were developed in my summers. I was a backyard scientist.

My childhood interests led me to pursue Physics and Nanotechnology at the University of Leeds. Following this, I continued studying at Leeds and specialised in Nanotechnology at Masters level. I have since held roles as a research scientist, process development engineer and project manager working in fields such as: renewable energy, space exploration, thermal management, automotive energy harvesting, microwave and radio frequency processing and plastics recycling. Alongside work, I studied for a Master of Philosophy degree focusing on fabrication of high temperature thermoelectric devices and more recently for a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

I’m a practical minded person and I still tinker in my spare time (albeit with slightly more grown-up projects), trying my hand at whatever comes my way; be it welding, car mechanics, blacksmithing, garden landscaping or general DIY.  If I have any more energy left to burn off, I’ll try my hand at most sports, but you’ll most likely find me running, playing football, skiing, and lately, playing crown green bowling!

Research and technical innovation has been a big part of my life and I value it greatly. The thing I look forward to most as an R&D Tax Credit Consultant is meeting new people, learning about advances in science and technology and supporting organisations to get the most out of their R&D activities.

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