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I started my journey into technology and sales completely by chance almost 30 years ago, with a temp job that derailed my plans of traveling and changed my career path. I spent six months in the data department of Arrow electronics looking after 1000’s of technical documents. Before you could just google it, I had to read the data books to research technical specs and answer engineers’ questions. I was fascinated by the technology and how quickly it was developing. When an opening as a sales engineer became available, I convinced them to give me a chance as I had put so much effort into building my technical knowledge … hard work paid off and I have loved sales ever since.

I have spent most of my career working in or around the IT and Consumer Electronics industries helping take products and services to market. I have gained experience with manufacturers, distributors and after sales services working to keep products sold and out of the returns cycle with technical support.  I have seen the struggles companies go through to gain funding to develop and innovate their new tech and services, which is why I am super excited to be part of the TBAT team, as I now have the opportunity to support clients to securing R&D funding through innovation grants and tax incentives.

Outside of work I can be found walking my two crazy Pugs, at the gym, kick boxing or bombing around the Oxfordshire ridgeway on my mountain or motocross bike. If I’m not taking part in sport, then I’m probably watching it – Rugby, F1, Formula E and the Moto GP dominate the TV in our house.

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