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After completing my BSc. (Hons) in chemistry from St Andrews university, I started off as a scientist with a VC funded SME developing a novel type of PEM fuel cell. From there, I moved to an R&D consultancy company where my specialism was electrochemical process development across multiple applications but I also got involved in the company’s other research areas such as microwave and plasma chemistry. I loved seeing an idea tested in the lab through scale up and build of pilot then manufacturing units. It was in this role I became involved in applying for grant funding, managing technical projects and teams, and interacting with clients.

Post covid, I moved back to Scotland and took up the role as lead chemist with an energy storage company developing a new type of redox flow battery. I’ve since joined TBAT as a grant writer where I am looking forward to applying my technical project delivery know-how to helping our clients. I love seeing new ideas evolve, develop, and grow through collaboration.

Outside of work, I can be found with my family exploring our local area for the best parks, playing video games, and using my chemistry skills to make slime and volcanos.

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