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I think nothing is better than pushing things to their limits and seeing how far we can truly go. It is only through questioning and experimentation do we discover new things never thought possible, opening up even more questions and opportunities. Technology is constantly evolving, bringing us new inventions that effect our everyday lives and the possibilities are endless as to what can be achieved. I think that it’s crazy how far the world has come in a short space of time and what that means for the future. Being at TBAT gives me a small opportunity to be a witness to the up-and-coming, the world changing,  the forefront of innovation and I am so excited to be even a tiny cog in the giant machine that is R&D.

I was constantly reading as a child, getting lost in fictitious worlds or learning about the cosmic universe, I wanted to discover as much as I could and despite me not having the time to bury my head in a book as much as I used to, I think that was the start to where I am now. I took a huge interest in maths and science throughout school and ended up studying Mathematics with Statistics at the University of Nottingham. I headed into the world of accounting and tax, first working at RSM within their corporation tax team, getting my first taste of the R&D tax industry and then moving to a smaller boutique accountancy firm where I got stuck in with SMEs and owner-managed businesses. This then opened the door to TBAT shortly after where I jumped at the chance to get fully involved with R&D tax.

Outside of the office, I am always busy whether that be doing martial arts, playing snooker, at the cinema, going to music festivals or exploring abroad. I started martial arts at the age of 7 and have trained in countless disciplines: Karate, Kickboxing, Wing Chun, Kung Fu, Jiu jitsu, Aikido, Boxing and Jeet Kune Do, for many years I thought martial arts would be the career path I would venture down. Currently I am just working on my kickboxing, although karate is where it all started and will always be the discipline at my heart.

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