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Throughout University during my bachelor’s degree, whenever people would ask what I want to do after university, I would instantly reply “finance”. Little did I know how broad the spectrum was for “finance” and the different tangents within it at the time.

Over the last 8 years I have been exploring these tangents at a senior level with expertise in foreign exchange, wealth management, tax and corporate funding. This journey led me to live and work in 3 of the largest financial hubs: London, Switzerland and Dubai. Before moving into innovation funding I was the Global Head of Business Development for a wealth management firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. This is where I discovered my interest in the client-facing side of finance, combining the technical with the consultative elements.

This ultimately led me into specialising in R&D and Grants over the last few years. Now working as part of the commercial team at TBAT Innovation as a Senior Business Development Executive my main focus is driving the commercial growth of the business and maintaining account excellence for clients and partners.

Outside of finance, you will either find me glued to the rugby pitch or glued to the screen watching the rugby. A quarter Welsh, a quarter Scottish and half English means I hedge my bets on a 50% chance of winning the Six Nations!

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