16 Jan 2018

TBAT Roadshows present: The True Value of R&D

Sam Stephens

Money can’t buy R&D Tax Credits advice served up at the first TBAT Breakfast Roadshow.

Wednesday 7th Feb 2018. From 9.00am. Nottingham Belfry Hotel, Mellors Way, Nottingham NG8 6PY

TBAT Innovation is now one of the UK’s leading business consultancies in its field. Established in 2002, the company provides innovation support to technology research and development organisations throughout the country by accessing grant funding, R&D tax credits, conducting market research and evaluating innovation opportunities.

A common misconception is that the relief is only for big companies. TBAT want to lift the lid on this. The reality is that the majority of innovation now takes place in small and medium-sized enterprises, who are precisely the type of companies who should be applying and attending this first of a kind roadshow.

This first roadshow will cover the current R&D Tax Credit schemes available to SME’s and larger companies. Sharing insight in to the claims process, allowing you to maximise the value and importance of your claim.

Topics include:

  • What is considered R&D? Possibly not what you think
  • What you can & can not claim
  • How to avoid common errors when making a claim
  • Where TBAT can help
  • …and of course real-life client examples!

The Roadshow:

  • Doors will open at 8.30am for networking.
  • Registration and breakfast at 9.00am
  • Roadshow commences at 9.30am
  • 10.30am onwards for consultations with exclusive discounts

Delegates are encouraged to stay on afterwards for networking and most importantly to book a R&D Tax Credits Consultation with one of our experts, where you will receive an exclusive roadshow discount on your claim when booking your consultation session at the event.

Places are limited, and booking is essential.

You can book your tickets here

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