16 May 2023

Partner Spotlight – May: Bulb Studios

Jo Rudzki
Partner Relationship Manager

The agency opened its doors over fifteen years ago, and has grown into a close-knit team of designers, developers, marketeers, project managers and strategists. As a creative and technical partner, Bulb combines beautiful interfaces and intelligent content with considered, thorough user journeys and technical performance to create software, apps and websites that change the trajectory of a business.

The team at Bulb love removing the pain points that businesses face when launching a new product or entering a new chapter. The agency’s strong relationship with TBAT lends itself perfectly to TBAT’s partner referral programme, given the privileged insight afforded to Bulb by innovative businesses looking to succeed.

Lee Garton, Design Director at Bulb Studios, will be speaking at Workshop 3 of the Innovation Challenge to discuss the importance of good UX in launching a digital product. The afternoon will cover a number of elements around designing and protecting an innovation, whilst Lee’s talk will focus on core UX principles to ensure digital products provide meaningful and relevant user experiences.

Dominic Taylor, Digital Engagement Manager at Bulb Studios, will be looking at launching online during Workshop 4. The workshop itself will cover commercialisation and how to successfully head to market with your innovation. Dominic’s talk will dive into how design, copy, SEO and digital marketing can impact the success of the business you do online, as well as breaking down what to consider when launching an innovation.

For further information on how Bulb Studios can help your business, please visit the Bulb Studios website.

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