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Partner Referral Scheme

Our Partner Referral Scheme is aimed at businesses who want to transform their client’s journey and help them access innovation funding.


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What is TBAT’s Partner Referral Scheme?

TBAT’s Partner Referral Scheme is designed for businesses who want to transform their client’s journey and proactively help them access sources of innovation funding. Our partners utilise our in-house expertise to reduce their workload, increase client satisfaction and add value to their client services. We believe, as the saying goes – two heads are better than one! We build long-term relationships by providing specialist services that are delivered by experts.

Our Partners include:

  • Existing Clients
  • Accountants/Solicitors
  • Patent Agents
  • Membership Organisations
  • Business Consultants

Our Services

We add value to each other’s clients through jointly strengthened offerings, building long-term relationships and providing all partners the ultimate range of innovation support services including;

Why join the TBAT Partner Referral Scheme?

Innovation is inherently risky, making the need for additional funds crucial to successfully commercialising new technology. With some Grant funding only available through a competitive process and R&D Tax needing to be claimed via HMRC, our expert assistance is the key to success.

Our key strength is that we’re not your typical accountants – our consultants come from a wide variety of specialist backgrounds in R&D fields, which allow us to fully understand the technologies that are being produced by our clients. Over the last 12 months, we have secured £9.1m in R&D Tax credits – with every claim being successful. Additionally, we have secured £19.9m in Grant Funding for our clients and partners – with a 76% success rate. Our due-diligent nature and robust processes ensure our clients and partners have the best possible chance of receiving the funds they need. Our open and honest approach allows us to work in partnership with our clients to match their needs and apply to suitable funding options and make robust and technically evidenced R&D Tax Credit claims.

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How TBAT partners with you

Becoming a partner allows you to offer your clients complimentary services with TBAT and create additional trust by referring them to not only a trusted and value-led business but a leading Consultancy with an exceptional track record in securing grants and tax incentives.

  • Access to our full range of specialist services
  • A Dedicated Partnership Manager
  • Reward payments or fee reduction
  • Marketing Pack
  • Visibility on our website
  • Highlight Partners


Interested in joining the Partner Referral Scheme?

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in offering your clients the opportunity to access our specialist services through becoming a TBAT referral partner. Let’s explore how we can work together to provide added-value and unrivalled innovation support to your clients, contact us.


“We have been working with the team at TBAT since 2019 and have nothing but positive things to say. Over time we have built a partnership that helps benefit both our business and our clients. They are experts on the R&D field so it makes sense to refer our clients to get them the best possible outcome.”

Samuel Dallimore - Director - Modus Accountants


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