What’s the difference between using my accountant and an R&D Tax Credits specialist?

We’re not your typical Accountant – we’re an R&D tax credits specialist!

At TBAT, we’re an R&D tax credits specialist. Our R&D Consultants are all experienced engineers or scientists who take a real interest in your R&D projects. As well as having technical backgrounds, our consultants are also experts in R&D Tax legislation and thoroughly understand what is required to submit a successful R&D Tax Credits claim.

Our backgrounds and experience means that, unlike the majority of accountants (through no fault of their own), we’re very well placed to qualify your R&D Tax Credits expenditure and help you to submit an elevated, but most importantly, well-evidenced claim.  

As an R&D tax credits specialist, we work with you to understand your innovation and qualify it against the technical and financial R&D Tax Credits criteria set out by the government. We then write a technical report on your behalf to present your work to HMRC in a tried and tested format, backed with all of the relevant references to legislation.  

Our consultants have varied backgrounds across academia and industry including:  

  • Defence 
  • HV / LV Electronics  
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Materials science 
  • Biochemistry  
  • Electrochemistry  
  • Data Science  
  • Environmental Science  
  • Aerospace  
  • Physics  
  • Sports Engineering  
  • Product Development
  • Molecular Biology 
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Processes (SMP)  
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering 

If we don’t have a consultant with knowledge of your field, it’s not a problem. We work with you to understand and qualify your R&D and ensure we extract the right level of detail required for the claim before it is submitted to HMRC.

We’ve increased R&D Tax Credit Claims by 20%

Our expert knowledge has helped some businesses increase their R&D Tax Credits claim by an additional 20%, as well as creating significant claims for businesses after they had been told that they did not qualify for R&D Tax Relief.

In addition, and to put your mind at ease, all of our financial claims are reviewed by one of our in-house accountants before they are cleared for submission. This means that you don’t lose any of the assurance gained by using a chartered professional. 

In addition, if HMRC challenge your claim for any reason, you will have experts at hand to collate the response and help you provide the extra detail they require.

We’d love to speak to you about helping with R&D Tax Credit claims. Please contact us here.

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