What are the benefits of the TBAT Partner Referral Scheme?

Joining the TBAT Partner Referral Scheme is highly beneficial to you as a referrer, as well as to the referee client.


We offer a generous referral reward as either a fee paid to the referrer or as a discount for the referee. Your dedicated account manager will make sure that your preference is logged and maintained. Once your referee has signed up with us, we can then apply the referral reward

For example:

Month 1: Referee signs a contract for a 3 year R&D Tax Credits claim – 2-year retrospective to be completed ASAP and current financial year to be completed in month 13. Referrer to receive a reward on all of these claims.

Month 6: Referee signs a contract for a Grant Funding application to be written. Referrer to receive a reward on this contract.

Month 13: Referee signs contract for EIS/SEIS Support. Referrer will not receive a reward on this contract as it has surpassed the 12-month window.

Additionally, as a Partner, you will receive:

  • Access to our full range of specialist services for your clients
  • A Dedicated Partnership Manager
  • Marketing Pack to showcase our Partnership
  • Visibility on our website via Case Studies
  • The opportunity for us to highlight you as a Partner in our newsletters

Referee Client

For the referee, they will get access to our services, as well as continued communication to highlight to them all future opportunities that they could benefit from.

Our team of specialist Consultants are able to identify all of the opportunities that the referee could benefit from, and will treat the referee’s business and projects as their own, to ensure the company has all the information and support they need to succeed!

TBAT’s range of services are designed to support the whole project life-cycle, from initial idea to commercialised product, process, or service, and provide funding options throughout.

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