Can I apply for Grant Funding if I have an idea?

How to apply for grant funding if you have an idea

Depending on what your idea is about, in theory you can apply for Grant Funding. You need to meet the criteria that is set out in the specific grant fund itself.  Each competition will have stipulations in terms of the size of the project, and what they’re trying to achieve. Some competitions have a broad scope whilst others have highly specific themes with target project outputs.

So if you have an idea, the key to it is finding the right home for it in terms of which grant scheme you should access.

There are lots of things to consider when making applications and it’s very important not to rush into making an application, to be ready and fully prepared.

So if you’ve got your idea, you need to then decide do you meet the theme and the scope for the competition, what competition is best suited for you, what level of development are you looking to undertake, how’s your cash flow, do you need any other resources to help complete the project. What are the technical developments you want to do and the business case for doing it?  You need to define the unmet need or the challenge in the first place and then how you’re going to address that.

How TBAT can help

Once you’ve got an idea, you can come to us and we can talk you through whether it’s suitable to a competition or whether it needs further development. Contact us to arrange a conversation.

TBAT can help with developing all the parts required for the application and help plan the process for you, so that when you apply you’re fully prepared for the project.

You can find out more about the next steps of how to apply for Grant Funding in our article here.

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