26 Jul 2018

Guide to a successful grant application

Matt Symonds

Our grant writers’ extensive knowledge of what the Innovate UK assessors are looking for is what makes our bid writing service so unique and successful.

Writing a Grant Funding application is a difficult task – not only do you have to address each point specifically, you also must strategically get all that information into a 400-word answer.

We have a 76% success rate with applications written in the last 12 months and have secured £19.9 million for our clients during that period. When you consider some competitions have a success rate of 11%; our expertise goes a long way to helping organisations be successfully awarded funding!

We thought we would share some of this knowledge by addressing exactly what the assessors are looking for in each of the standard Innovate UK application questions – with a few top tips along the way!

Our ‘Guide to a successful grant application’ is the perfect how-to guide to answering all 10 questions.

We usually recommend reserving at least 4 weeks to write a full Innovate UK Grant application – leaving enough time to plan, write, evaluate, amend and submit before the deadline. We understand that this can have a huge impact on a business – especially an SME with limited resource internally.

If that is the case, you may benefit from using a Consultancy such as TBAT, to assist with the writing and evaluation of your application. Our team would be happy to chat through your project, understand your technology and help you to apply!

Get in touch with us today for a consultation about your Grant Funding application.

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