04 Apr 2022

Grant Funding Drop-in Clinic – 27th April 2022

Esther Lawrence
Senior Business Development Manager

Grant Funding Drop-in Clinic – 27th April 2022

Book your free 1-to-1 session on 27th April 2022, to discuss how to access Grant Funding for your innovation, with one of our advisors, during our next Funding Drop-in Clinic.

On the last Wednesday of every month, we’ve scheduled for our top advisors to be available throughout the day for 1-to-1 drop-in sessions, to help find funding for your business. This April 2022 session is available for UK businesses to book a time that suits them, to discuss the generous grant funding schemes available, help decipher their eligibility and how to apply.

Innovation, such as developing new products, processes and services, is inherently risky. Businesses invest their own money into a project with no guarantee of success. Generous UK and EU Grant Funding schemes can de-risk a research and development project by providing up to 70% of the project costs.

Current Grant Funding Opportunities

The current UK Grant Funding landscape full of incredible Grant Funding opportunities in a wide range of industry sectors, such as:

We’re awaiting news on the updated scope for the Innovate UK Smart Grants, which are available to fund innovative projects in any industry sector. We’re hoping for more information on the changes in April 2022, after the current round closes for applications.

Now is a fantastic time to see if your innovative projects fit the scope of any current or upcoming funding competitions and to try to secure some money to help continue your research and development, with financial assistance from the UK Government.

We’ve got 2 expert Grant Funding advisors scheduled for this month’s Grant Funding drop-in’s, so there’s plenty of availability to have a free, 1-to-1 discussion about your business and projects. Book your appointment for a meeting on 27th April 2022 with one of our advisors by using the calendar below.

Book your Grant Funding Drop-in Session

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