21 Feb 2019

Funding Forecast

Funding Forecast

The ever-changing Grant Funding landscape can be difficult to navigate; the uncertainty of what competitions we will see, and when can make getting your project prepped and ready to apply daunting – but don’t despair… TBAT are here to help!

In January, we released our educated predictions for different funding that should be coming in 2019; we now have an update on a handful of competitions that have been announced and will be released in the coming year.

Audience of the Future

The next Audience of the Future competition has a twist! It will be an Investment Accelerator, which means that Innovate UK will provide R&D grant funding, simultaneously with Venture Capital investment into your business.

Audience of the Future funding is aimed at creative industries, developing immersive technologies such as AR, VR, MR which can be utilised in media, visitor attractions, events and sports entertainment.

The competition will be opening on 20th May to singular SME businesses to apply for a share of £2 million to develop early stage projects for new production tools, software and systems, and digital technologies that will deepen and enrich the immersive experience.

You can find out more information here on the Immerse UK website.

Advanced Propulsion Centre

APC UK are due to invest up to £30 million, 3 times in 2019. The first opportunity – APC 12 is currently open for applications and due to close on 6th March.

If the competitions follow suit from 2018 – the 2 further competitions, APC 13 and APC 14 will be open in June and October respectively; however, these dates are yet to be officially confirmed!

APC UK look to invest in UK-based R&D that is automotive supply chain focused and develops on-vehicle, low carbon technologies for low and zero tailpipe emission vehicles such as batteries, motors and alternative propulsion systems.

A previous winner and example of an APC funded project is the Williams Advanced Engineering and Unipart Manufacturing Group collaborative H1PERBAT project.

For more information on scope and eligibility for APC projects, please visit the APC12 competition on our website – click here.
DASA Open Call for Innovation

DASA’s Open Call for Innovation is open all year round to give applicants the opportunity to present their ideas to stakeholders for UK defence and security at any time. The competition has 6 submission dates throughout the year – these are the dates for 2019/20.

DASA Open Call for Innovation - Grant Funding Cycle Dates table

DASA provide funding for solutions at various Technology Readiness Levels (TRL), therefore they have 2 strands – Emerging Innovations for low TRL projects and Rapid Impact Innovations for higher TRL projects.

DASA have also recently published their first batch of focus areas, highlighting specific areas of interest where innovative proposals will be particularly welcomed – however focusing on these topics is not a mandatory requirement!

To learn more about scope and eligibility for the Open Call for Innovation – click here.



Keeping our ear close to the ground, accessing the latest information about upcoming grant funding competitions is just part of what we do!

Our consultants are experts in deciphering scope and eligibility of competitions and identifying projects that match the criteria. We can assist in getting to the ‘nuts and bolts’ and defining your project through a bespoke Project Positioning Workshop and support you in writing and reviewing your application.

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