The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) – Open Call 2017

Key Features

ITF is seeking proposals from qualified developers and organisations that can offer technological advancement or innovation across any of the technology focused areas of the oil and gas industry. Proposals should aim to address specific issues within the sector and demonstrate a clear business case for adoption.

Programme:     ITF

Award:     TBC

Opens: 1st Jan 1970

Closes: 17th Nov 2017

! This scheme is now closed

The uptake of technology by the global Oil and Gas industry has been increasing at a significant pace over the last decade. The industry continues to believe that there are opportunities for innovation within all segments and disciplines of the sector. ITF would like to receive proposals from developers that support efficiencies across the whole spectrum of Oil and Gas operations, or that deliver new capabilities and game changing technology for the industry. This Open Call has been designed to grant developers the freedom to submit their ground breaking ideas for projects that fall out with ITF’s Rolling Technology Program.

ITF primarily addresses the shared technology challenges of its Membership by issuing Calls for Proposals. These are typically for themes that have been identified as part of ITF’s ongoing Rolling Technology Program. However, it is also important to provide a pathway for developers to put forward their own innovative ideas that encapsulates the broader range of Oil and Gas activities. The Open Call is therefore the mechanism to facilitate the recognition of these ideas. The Open Call Process will run at specified points each year, and enable developers to submit their innovative proposals for review by ITF. Subsequently, these may then be considered for funding by the ITF membership.

The initial process consists of two parts – registering on the innovation network (if you are not already registered) and submitting a Project Proposal Abstract

Being a member of the innovation network is a prerequisite for submitting a proposal. This allows the ITF Members to view the companies that are participating in the call, and maximises the probability of a project gaining funding. If you are not registered, please ensure that you sign up for a basic membership (free).

Developers will need to  complete the Project Proposal Abstract Form to note their interest in the Open Call.  Once received, a member of the ITF team will be in touch to discuss the next stage.

If successful, the developer would then be required to complete a short 3 minute video outlining their project. Should there be interest from the ITF membership in advancing the proposal, a full Expression of Interest (EOI) form should then be completed.

If you are interested in this call and would like to find out more or see how TBAT can help you, then get in touch.