Stream 2 – Innovative Charging Solutions Competition

Key Features

Sponsored by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and Innovate UK, the Niche Vehicle Feasibility Studies Competition provides grant funding of up to £35,000 to undertake 3-month duration desktop research and/or preliminary investigation activities aimed at catalysing innovative vehicle technologies applicable to road-going zero emission UK niche vehicles.

Programme:     Niche Vehicle Network

Award:     Share of up to £35k

Opens: 22nd Sep 2021

Closes: 25th Oct 2021

! This scheme is now closed


The competition is open to UK registered micro and SME companies active in the niche vehicle technology sector. This could include (but is not limited to) niche vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers, design, engineering or technology organisations.


There are two competition streams – this document relates to Stream 2 – Innovative Charging Solution projects. Applications into this competition stream must be able to articulate how they will support the high level objective of accelerated development of charging solutions to support increased uptake of zero emission on-road UK niche vehicles.

Areas for investigation could include the following technology themes:

  • On-board charging systems
  • Off-board charging systems
  • Improving the charging user experience, increased access and/or functionality
  • Improving EV charging opportunities for fleet or heavy goods vehicles

The following technologies are specifically out of scope and ineligible for funding in this competition stream:

  • Bi-directional charging solutions for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)
  • Infrastructure focussed projects – such as in-road and catenary charging systems
  • Charging solutions specifically for buses, coaches, agricultural vehicles, driverless vehicles, PODs, dedicated motorsport vehicles
  • Apps, websites or software for customer interfaces
  • Billing & payment-based solutions, including app development

Funding is restricted to technologies applicable to powered, wheeled road-going zero emission UK niche vehicles. Whilst it is accepted that some solutions may be applicable to larger volume (non-niche) vehicles, applicants must be able to demonstrate how their project is relevant for the UK niche sector.

Funding Metrics

  •  Maximum total project costs: £50,000
  •  Maximum total project grant: £35,000
  •  Maximum project grant intervention rate: 70%
  •  Maximum partner grant intervention rate: 70%

Funding Eligibility

Solutions relevant to the following vehicle types are applicable and in scope for this competition: Powered, zero emission, wheeled vehicles used on-road, with niche vehicle applicability:

  • Cars, motorcycles & quadricycles
  • Taxis, mini-buses & light commercial vehicles (LCV)
  • Heavy duty vehicles – trucks, lorries & HGVs
  • Municipal vehicles – refuse trucks & road sweepers
  • Special purpose vehicles – including ambulances, fire/rescue
  • Micro mobility – last mile delivery, e-cargo, e-bikes (including pedal electrically assisted)

Solutions for the following vehicle types are out of scope for this competition:

  • E-scooters
  • Buses, coaches, off-highway, construction & agricultural vehicles
  • Driverless vehicles, PODs, marine, rail, aerospace and drones
  • Non-road use ‘buggy’ & general leisure vehicles (golf carts etc)
  • Dedicated motorsport and race vehicles
  • Any other vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE), including hybrids or conversions of ICE to run on gaseous / alternative / zero carbon / synthetic ‘e’ fuels


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