Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP) Open Call Competition

Key Features

The UK Space Agency (UKSA) invites proposals for feasibility and demonstrator projects using satellite applications and data to support the work of government and the public sector.

Programme:     Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP)

Award:     Up to £200k

Opens: 19th Dec 2017

Closes: 1st Feb 2018

! This scheme is now closed

This SSGP Open Call Competition aims to provide funding to support the development of innovative satellite enabled applications for the UK Public Sector. Project proposals are sought for both feasibility studies (TRL 3-4) and mature demonstrator ideas (TRL 5-7).

This competition will be run under a “De Minimis” grant funding arrangement. Applicants can apply for any percentage up to the total project value but will be required to give assurances that the SSGP grant will not exceed the De Minimis limitations. 

Proposals should address SSGP’s goals of helping the public sector to embrace space and increase the uptake of satellite data and sustainable services to enable smarter, more efficient operations, reduce risk and enhance policy making, whilst also enabling wider growth in line with the UK Space Agency’s stated targets for the space sector.

SSGP encourages proposals which use any of the three satellite enabled application technologies:

  • Satellite Communications 
  • Position, Navigation, Timing (PNT) 
  • Earth Observation

In order to demonstrate the breadth of what satellite applications can do for the public sector, address new challenges and to attract new public sector stakeholders who are committed to exploring how satellites could be used within their organisations, additional weighting will be applied to proposals that:

  • Can evidence active end-user involvement, engagement and sponsorship 
  • Make use of technologies, or address topics, which are currently under-represented in SSGP case studies (i.e. satellite communications or PNT)

Applicants can choose the duration of their feasibility or demonstrator project from between 2 to 9 months. As SSGP is an annually funded programme, SSGP would particularly welcome applications from those who can mobilise quickly and maximise the use of existing allocated funding in FY17/18.



Proposals can be up to 100% funded (noting De Minimis limitations will apply). Applications are welcomed from those who are also willing to commit their own resources to maximise project outcomes. It is anticipated that funding for feasibility proposals will be up to a maximum of £60k (VAT exempt), and demonstrator proposals will be up to a maximum £200k (VAT exempt).



This Call is open to UK Higher Education Institutions, other research organisations, SMEs and industry as well as (not for profit) government research institutes who are not involved in the provision or delivery of SSGP.

As this competition is being run under De Minimis grant funding arrangements applicants will be required to evidence that they are eligible to receive their proposed funding.