SBRI Healthcare – Competition 19 – NHS Reset & Recovery & New Ways of Working

Key Features

Funded by NHS England and NHS Improvement in collaboration with the AHSN Network, SBRI Healthcare is delighted to announce a Phase 3 funding competition open to innovations in an advanced stage of development.

Programme:     SBRI

Award:     up to £500,000 per project.

Opens: 24th Aug 2021

Closes: 13th Oct 2021

! This scheme is now closed


The COVID-19 pandemic has put significant pressure on the NHS, which is now faced with the challenge to recover on the provision of care in all health areas with a backlog on services. Data shows that the vaccination programme is having a significant impact on transmission rates and, coupled with the public’s adherence to social restrictions, this means that hospitalisation rates have been drastically falling across all regions and local areas. The pandemic though continues to present us with ever-changing challenges and will undoubtedly remain a challenge for some time to come.

The Categories

Under the overall theme of “NHS Reset and Recovery and New Ways of Working”, two categories have been identified via consultation with clinicians and other stakeholders working in provision of care across the spectrum.

Applicants are expected to respond to one of the following categories:

  1. Reducing the NHS workforce pressure
  2. Increase NHS effectiveness

For further information on each category, please see challenge brief.


There are a number of technologies, or types of solution, which are already available, sometimes from multiple suppliers, these are listed below. Any technologies that negatively impact staff workloads will also be excluded.

  • Early cancer detection and efficient diagnosis technologies and solutions are excluded as they are covered in the SBRI Healthcare Cancer Competition.
  • Systems and solutions that do not consider full integration and end-to-end implementation for a chosen pathway.
  • Technologies that may increase burden on the workforce, that are not fully inclusive and diverse and that may contribute to creating health inequalities (including digital exclusion or data inequalities).

Funding Costs

The competition is open to single companies or organisations from the private, public and third sectors, including charities.

The Phase 3 competition runs in one phase only and is intended to facilitate the implementation of developed innovations. The contracts placed will be for a maximum of 9 months and up to £500,000 (inc. VAT) per project.

The implementation will be 100% funded and suppliers for each project will be selected by an open competition process and retain the intellectual property rights (IPR) generated from the project, with certain rights of use retained by the NHS.


The call is open to innovations in an advanced stage of development. The aim is to accelerate these innovations into relevant health or social settings, and to facilitate the collection of evidence in real-world settings required by commissioners and regulators to make purchasing or other recommendations/decisions.

The call is open to any innovation (e.g. medical device, in-vitro diagnostic, digital health and AI solutions and services) that meets the following requirements:

  • CE mark or equivalent regulatory approval obtained for the proposed application (or evidence demonstrating the technology is close to obtaining approval) and/or Product in use in at least 1 Trust
  • Clinical efficacy and safety demonstrated through clinical trial
  • Clear partnership established with relevant service(s) / site(s) and relevant clinical team(s)
  • For digital solutions, evidence that the technology has passed the necessary information governance and cyber security requirements

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