Non-domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition

Key Features

Organisations can apply for a share of £8.8 million to devise new energy management products and services using data from non-domestic smart meters.

Programme:     SBRI

Award:     A share of £8.8m

Opens: 2nd Jan 2018

Closes: 9th Feb 2018

! This scheme is now closed

The Non-Domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition aims to drive innovation in the energy services market in 3 priority non-domestic sectors:

  • hospitality
  • retail
  • and schools.

The competition will help such non-domestic organisations cut their energy costs and be more energy efficient, enabling them to boost productivity and contribute to UK emissions reduction targets. It will also develop and strengthen the market for energy management products and services for smaller non-domestic sites, including both independent businesses and chains.

The aim of the competition will be to develop the market for, and maximise the overall uptake and impact of, energy management products and services based on data analytics for smaller non-domestic sites in order to help secure energy demand reduction within target sectors of the non-domestic sector.

This competition is looking for projects that develop software tools from smart meter data that are then used to encourage organisations to save energy. This could be through:

  • information such as estimates of financial costs or savings
  • information and advice on actions that can reduce energy demand and costs such as heating controls and lighting
  • tailored messages designed to encourage the uptake of advice and sustained behaviour


The competition is open to any organisation that can demonstrate a route to market for its idea.

Funding Details

  • Up to £1.8m in contracts is available for feasibility studies in a first phase
  • Up to £675k is available in a second phase for feasibility testing
  • A further £4.825m is available to develop ideas further in a third phase
  • BEIS also has up to £1.5 million to fund a research and evaluation contractor to work with competition participants.

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