Medical technologies proof of concept 2018

Key Features

Arthritis Research UK  in partnership with the Medical Technologies Innovation Knowledge Centre (IKC) has made funding available to develop or evaluate innovative technologies that help support individuals suffering with musculoskeletal conditions.

Programme:     Artheritus UK in partnership with the Medical Technologies Innovation Knowledge Centre (IKC).

Award:     Up to £100k

Opens: 1st Jan 1970

Closes: 11th Dec 2017

! This scheme is now closed

Arthritis Research UK is seeking to support innovation and translation in medical technologies to address MSK conditions, with particular emphasis on developments with clearly defined commercialisation routes.

In this initiative, seeks to fund projects that develop:

• Medical devices
• orthotics
• implantable therapeutic delivery
• imaging

Grants of up to £100,000 will be awarded to successful applicants who can demonstrate a
clear commercial solution to an MSK clinical need. This call will not fund basic research projects.
It is expected that projects will have been developed to a stage where further validation of the technical, market or commercial concept is required to attract further commercial investment. This
funding aims to enable technologies to show proof of concept and reach TRL 5 by the end of the project funding.

Successful project proposals will be able to demonstrate from the outset that they have a well defined and achievable end point with a clear commercial objective and show how they will identify, address and remove technical uncertainty and risk. Industry involvement is strongly encouraged.

A total budget of £500k has been allocated to develop exciting innovations from research findings to a commercially viable product and or service to help improve the lives of those living with MSK conditions.

This call is seeking high quality well defined proposals that require demonstrating proof of concept with the aim of developing a commercially viable product. Proposals demonstrating positive industry support or collaboration with well defined
clinical needs and clinical engagement are strongly encouraged.


This call is open to university, hospital or recognised academic research institute based in the UK.

Projects must be able to demonstrate:
1. Fit with the funding scope
2. Genuine patient involvement and user engagement
3. Clear achievable project outputs with a well-defined product concept that has defined commercial application
4. Clear demonstration of how technical uncertainty and risk will be identified, addressed and removed.
5. The technology under development will have attained Technology Readiness Level
(TRL) 5 by the end of the project funding.
6. Clear benefit in harnessing the research and development strengths of the University
Partner(s) and, where possible, partnership with NHS hospital trusts
7. Leadership by an academic with a good track record in the selected technology.
8. Direct industrial contribution and/or company interest.
9. Clinical need and/or benefit
10. Confidence that the Medical Technologies proof of concept funding can add value

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