Investment opportunity: Precision Medicine Accelerator

Key Features

UK investors can apply to partner with Innovate UK to combine grant funding with investment in UK companies developing solutions for precision medicine.

Programme:     Innovate UK

Award:     N/A

Opens: 30th Apr 2018

Closes: 23rd May 2018

! This scheme is now closed

Innovate UK is inviting UK-based investors to partner with them. Together you will provide simultaneous grant and investment to UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working in precision medicine.

They are looking for patient investors who, as well as providing capital, will speed up growth by providing wider business skills, experience, market access and influence.

To join as an investor partner you must be an equity provider with a UK office. This can include charities and trusts.

The Innovate UK Investment Advisory Board will create a pool of investor partners. They want to ensure that they have good and appropriate geographic coverage across the whole of the UK, focusing on areas with particular strengths in the scope of this competition.

Against this background Innovate UK are particularly interested in investors who:

  • can and do invest in companies beyond London and the South East
  • are prepared to deploy capital with a patient and long-term view
  • can add value to companies beyond finance, including leadership, market access, skills, resources and so on
  • have the ability to follow their investment and syndicate to provide further capital when required
  • can commit to helping the company grow and scale up
  • can invest in early-stage companies, including university spin-outs and pre-seed investment
  • have sector and technology-specific expertise relevant to the scope of this competition

Innovate UK have allocated up to £6 million to match fund private investment from investor partners in the second competition.

What will you be investing in?

Second Competition – opening 23rd July 2018 

The second competition will be open to projects from UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) offering innovative solutions within precision medicine as technology that enables early and accurate diagnosis to inform patient treatment or improves the availability of targeted therapies.

Innovate UK are particularly looking for applications in:

  • disruptive approaches such as liquid biopsies, extracellular vesicles and proteins, or single-cell analysis as a clinical diagnostic
  • multi-omic diagnostics to enable personalised treatment decisions, for example genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, metabolomics and microbiomics
  • smart (closed loop) medical devices that intelligently dose the patient in response to personalised biomarker monitoring
  • bioinformatic platforms or AI-powered applications that make it possible to process longitudinal data to inform early and accurate diagnosis

100% of successful applicants’ costs will be covered by matching grant funding with direct equity investment or convertible loans from an investor partner.