APC7, anchoring low carbon technology in the UK

Key Features

There is up to £35 million in funding to develop low carbon automotive technologies. Projects must reduce emissions and increase capability in the supply chain.

Programme:     Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC)

Award:     Up to £20m grant funding per project

Opens: 12th Jan 2017

Closes: 5th Apr 2017

! This scheme is now closed

The competition’s aim is to take demonstrated on-vehicle technologies towards commercialisation in either on or off road vehicles. Grant funded projects must:

  • develop technologies that will lead to significant reductions in vehicle CO2 or other emissions
  • align with Automotive Council Technology Group Roadmaps
  • develop the UK’s supply chain capability in low carbon vehicle propulsion or light weight systems technology

APC7 is seeking proposals for collaborative research and development projects that demonstrate the development of technologies based around one or more of the following technology areas:

  • Thermal Propulsion Systems
  •  Lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures
  •  Electric machines and power electronics
  •  Energy storage and energy management
  • Alternative propulsion system

To be in scope, projects must:

  • Deliver significant reductions in vehicle CO2 or other emissions impacting air quality compared to best-in-class technologies
  • Align with Automotive Council Technology Group roadmaps
  • Develop the UK’s supply chain in the field of low carbon vehicle propulsion technology or lightweight vehicle structures
  •  Be collaborative and business-led
  • Build and grow significant supply chain capability within the UK
  • Include a vehicle manufacturer or a tier 1 supplier and an SME partner
  • Achieve substantial advancement in technology and manufacturing maturity for technologies that have already been proven in a laboratory or vehicle environment
  • Show that the project delivers additional impact beyond what would be achieved through a ‘business as usual approach’
  • Handle and secure intellectual property for exploitation by, and to the overall benefit of, UK-based organisations
  • Embed knowledge in people and grow expertise in the UK
  • Consider the performance, durability, integrity and safety of any proposed technology, applying the appropriate standards

Funding details

  • Projects are expected to range in size from total costs of £5 million to £40 million
  • Last between 18 and 42 months
  • Must be collaborative
  • Must include at least 1 vehicle manufacturer and/or a tier 1 supplier as part of your consortium
  • Must include at least 1 small to medium enterprise (SME) partner

Funding rates

  • Industrial Research, in which a large business partner will generally attract up to 50% public funding for their total eligible project costs (60% for Medium and 70% for Small/Micro enterprises).
  • Experimental Development, with a business partner attracting 25% funding for their total eligible project costs (35% for a medium and 45% for a Small/Micro enterprise).

Overall, each project will attract no more than 50% public funding of the total eligible project costs

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