Antimicrobial resistance

Key Features

Businesses can apply for a share of £4 million of capital investment available to enable research into antimicrobial resistance and advance the development of new products.

Programme:     Innovate UK

Award:     Up to £2m

Opens: 14th Sep 2016

Closes: 2nd Nov 2016

! This scheme is now closed

Innovate UK is looking to support organisations that can set out a clear vision of potential partnerships it will encourage with companies, universities and other research establishments. You should also detail the new antimicrobial resistance (AMR) projects you will undertake as a consequence of the capital investment.

You must have a clear plan for the translation and commercialisation of any research that the capital enables you to conduct. To maximise the impact of this investment, applicants should build on existing UK infrastructure and not recreate capabilities without justification.

Projects need to demonstrate that the capital investment grant they’re requesting will:

  • advance the UK’s ability to tackle the global challenges of AMR
  • encourage public/private partnerships and maximise further investment


  • be a UK based organisation
  • be an organisation of any size or type (any organisation can lead a consortium)
  • carry out your project in the UK (although you can collaborate with international organisations)
  • work alone or in a consortium with other UK organisations. A consortium can be made up of any type of UK organisation including businesses, charities, universities and hospitals, and any mix of these.

Examples of in-scope applications include:

  • create an infrastructure that will fast-track the research, development, evaluation and commercialisation of new drugs, diagnostics and vaccines
  • establish a global multi-centre clinical trials network for drugs, diagnostics and vaccines. This should address major drug-resistant pathogens
  • build on existing UK infrastructure and set up a sample collection network. This should be via an individual AMR portal from local and international networks that will enable quality research
  • establish databases for new scientific and public health understanding of AMR

Innovate UK realise that some aspects of the above may not come under capital and so organisations will need other sources of funding.

All applications must focus on reducing the impact of antibacterial resistance.