09 Mar 2018

Five reasons why you should use an expert to write your grant funding applications

Matt Symonds

Grant Funding applications can be incredibly daunting; there are rules and criteria you need to be sure to meet before even thinking about clicking ‘Apply’. Robust answers to the questions posed require significant detail to be relayed within tight word limits, all the while being mindful of submission deadlines to meet.

Here are our top five reasons why your business could benefit from using TBAT Consultants to write your application.


The rules and criteria specified on each bid vary between competitions and can be difficult to decipher. Our experienced consultants have been writing bids and applications collectively for over 35 years, and are quickly able to elucidate which funding stream is the most relevant for your project and organisation.

We pride ourselves in being open and honest throughout the application process and want to ensure you have the best chance possible to secure funding for your project. If a competition that is currently open isn’t suitable for your intended project, we will point you towards other opportunities that will give you a greater chance of success.

We are extremely mindful of competition deadlines, and will advise before beginning the process if sufficient time to create a quality proposal is available – we usually suggest 4 weeks as a minimum to complete an end-to-end application, so we have sufficient time to meet with you and go through your project in detail prior to commencing writing.

The Application Format

Grant Funding applications comprise of multiple questions asking for significant levels of information regarding the project you are proposing, your organisation, the process you are wanting to take and the technological advancements you are trying to achieve.

Our Consultants are experts in collating the information you have provided and using it to answer the application questions in the most efficient and effective way, as well as completing background research to fill in any knowledge gaps.
Our Consultants

We have a group of Consultants from various technical and sector backgrounds, who bring a mix of skills and experience to the team. They are experts in their respective fields and have worked themselves in live R&D projects.

We have successfully assisted companies across many sectors with projects in:

  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Devices
  • Medicines manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Advanced computing
  • Rail engineering
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Advanced Materials Development
  • Manufacturing process development
  • ‘Internet of Things’ technologies

Internal Quality Assurance

All application projects are assigned to a Consultant with experience in the field and competition you are applying for. As part of TBAT’s ISO9001-accredited quality management process, your application will be reviewed by other members of the team at various stages to ensure that your project is being presented in the best possible way, before being sent to you for external review.

TBAT Statistics

Applications written by our Consultants currently average a 76% success rate across all competitions and have secured a total of £19.9 million in funding for our clients over the last 12 months. Given that some funding competitions have overall success rates of 1-4%, working with TBAT can significantly improve your chance of success.

For more information on the open competitions and our services; check out our grants page or get in touch.

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