Unlock the Potential of R&D Tax Credits in the Creative Industry – Webinar

Wednesday, 21st February 2024


Are you ready to turn you creative vision into a masterpiece of financial success?

Join TBAT Innovation for an exclusive R&D Tax Credit webinar, in collaboration with Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership, tailored for the vibrant world of creative businesses.

When: 21st February, 2024
Time: 10am – 11am

Are you ready to turn your creative vision into a masterpiece of financial success? Join us for an exclusive R&D Tax Credit webinar tailored for the vibrant world of creative businesses.

Meet Our Expert: Ian Davie, Senior R&D Tax Consultant

Embark on a journey with Ian Davie, seasoned expert with over 7 years of dedicated service at TBAT Innovation. With a wealth of experience rooted in the manufacturing sector, Ian’s professional journey ignited at Rolls-Royce, supported by sponsorship for his Mechanical Engineering degree. Ian’s unwavering commitment revolved around securing R&D tax credits and grants while delivering indispensable advice and top-tier consultancy services to our esteemed TBAT clients.

What’s in Store for You?

Delving into the Tax Credit Universe: Ian’s webinar will be your passport to understanding the intricate details of Tax Credits. Uncover what they entail and who can claim these valuable financial incentives.

Exploring R&D and Creative Industry Tax Relief Schemes: Illuminate your path with insights into the specifics and eligibility requirements of R&D and Creative industry Tax Relief Schemes. Discover how these schemes can fuel innovation and elevate your creative projects.

Claim Your Benefits: Identify if your company is eligible to claim benefits under different schemes. R&D tax reliefs are the wind beneath the winds of companies working in innovative projects in science and technology.

Creative Industry Tax Reliefs: Is your company involved in the production and development of films, high-end television, children’s television, animation television, video games, theatrical productions, orchestral concerts, or museum/gallery exhibitions? Uncover the secrets to claiming creative industry tax reliefs.

Why you need to attend this webinar:

  • Gain insider knowledge from a seasoned expert: Ian Davie
  • Unlock financial incentives for your creative endeavours.
  • Get your burning R&D tax relief questions answered during the interactive Q&A session.
  • Position your company for financial success in 2024.
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