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Grant Funding is available through many UK and EU funding bodies, to de-risk innovation and drive growth within the UK.

Grant Funding gives companies and consortia, access to government funds which allows them to build new and innovative products, processes and services without investing their own money.

Our Compare your Grant Funding tool allows you to view statistics on Grant Funding awarded by Innovate UK to projects all over the UK, in the same industry sector as your own business. We have an interactive map detailing the projects so you can also see the projects that have been funded near you.

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Using the Compare your Grant Funding Tool

To view the statistics to compare your grant funding to other businesses that are similar to yours, you simply need to enter your details in the form above.

Once completed, you will be able to see the average and total grant value of your industry sector, along with the interactive map to view more detail about the Innovate UK Grant Funding awarded to businesses and consortia all over the UK, and in a similar sector to your business or project.


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How TBAT can help?

Grant Funding is provided through a competitive process, in which you apply to have your project assessed before being awarded any money from the funding body, if successful. Application forms can be long and complex, needing a high level of detail provided within tight word limits. It’s crucial to get the right balance of providing key information and addressing what the assessors want to see, and that’s exactly what our team of expert Consultants do!

Read more about how using an expert Bid Writer such as TBAT can support your business to access funding by clicking here.

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